There is a comprehensive manual teaching you the basics of Field Target shooting available from the BFTA Website.

It covers:
  • The History of Field Target - page 3
  • The Law - page 4
  • Safety - page 6
  • Breathing - page 8
  • Trigger Control - page 9
  • Follow Through - page 13
  • Freestyle Position - page 14
  • Kneeling Position - page 18
  • Standing Position - page 22
  • Range-finding - page 25
  • Wind - page 31

Additional guidance on how to compensate for the effect of the wind in field target and HFT shooting can be found here

Follow this link to learn how to set up a telescopic sight properly.

Useful Downloads

You may find the following Excel spreadsheets useful:

Number-of-fills will help you to decide what size of compressed air cylinder to buy, for refilling your pre-charged air rifle. Each time you refill your rifle it takes a little of the air from the cylinder; once the cylinder pressure has dropped below the pressure you want to fill your gun to, you can't get a complete fill and the cylinder will need to be topped up. Some rifles have bigger reservoirs than others, and you will therefore get fewer refills although you may get more shots from each fill.   Cylinders are usually made in 232 bar and 300 bar variants; 300 bar cylinders are normally worth the extra money as they give more fills. However if you live next door to a refilling centre you might find a small bottle would be all you need!  Download 'number-of-fills'

Am-I-Legal allows you to enter a number of chronograph results; you can choose 5, 10 or 20. It will plot a chart of the rifle's power, but more importantly it predicts the risk of your gun failing a police power check if it should be seized for any reason. Home chronos work to an accuracy of about 99 percent. Police chronos are more accurate. AM-I-LEGAL assumes your chrono is reading low and the police chrono is reading high, both being not in your favour! It also does some checks on the consistency of your results; any gun that is inconsistent is more likely to throw out a rogue high value just at the least convenient time.!  Download 'am-I-legal'

Wind drift calculator takes a lot of the guesswork out of judging how far your pellet will drift in the wind. The time the pellet is in flight has a huge impact on the amount of drift, so faster pellets flying shorter distances will drift less. You still have to make an estimate of wind speed and direction, and no-one suggests you should take a laptop PC along with you to a competition, but studying how the variables affect the pellet flight can be very helpful and revealing. Download wind-drift-calculator v6


You may find the following targets of use: