As a formal body, the Club has a Constitution that defines its Aims, Membership, the Organisation of the Club, the Committee and a number of other administrative matters. When you have a spare five minutes (and a cup of coffee) you may wish to read the Constitution

General Rules

There are a full set of rules that guide the activities of the Club and the Behaviour of its members. Make use of the second half of that coffee and read the General Rules. Even if you have previously read them, they may merit another look as they were updated early in 2010.

LSR Rules

You may be interested in LSR (lightweight sport rifle) and, as an indoor discipline, it merits its own special set of rules. Although now coffee'd-out, you may still wish to review the additional LSR Rules, as they, again, were agreed quite recently in February 2010 and are additional to the main set of rules.

Safety Policy

By now you are probably ready for your next cup of coffee. Probably an essential accompaniment to a review of the Safety Policy. Shooting is one of the safest of all sports and one reason for this is that all participants accept that safety is everyone's responsibility. Now please study the Safety Policy, which must be observed at all times.

Child Protection

The Club takes a professional approach in all matters, none more so than in child protection. We have a child protection officer who is a qualified club instructor as well as holding a current CRB certification, along with two other club members. This also complies with the guidance to policy and procedures for the protection of children and vulnerable adults in target shooting published by the NSRA.

The Coalition Government has put on hold the vetting and barring arrangements due to have come into force in 2010 for volunteers. In the absence of specific advice from the Independent Safeguarding Agency as to how vetting and barring would apply to private members sports clubs, we are taking our guidance from the NSRA policy on child protection. Now look at the NSRA policy on children

The Law

As you may know, the law makes no distinction between air rifles and more powerful guns - they are all classed as firearms. See a summary of the relevant law, also review Section 21 of the Firearms Act 1968